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COVID, Election, &etc.

Created on: 11/19/20 10:24 AM Views: 521 Replies: 1
COVID, Election, &etc.
Posted Thursday, November 19, 2020 10:24 AM

Sitting at my desk this morning in a funk. Listening to sad music and reviewing the classmates we lost. All gone too soon.

I'm actually really fine, but a bit frustrated. I like to fix things, but can only fix myself and pray for the rest of the world.

I occasionally think about my days at Bryant & East and wish I could go back and do things differently; but, knowing me, I'd just cause trouble for my self. :) Sometimes there's a song I hear, a smell, a feeling of the wind, the colors of fall, and many other things that open the vault to the past. Really, I have happy memories of those days. Good friends and loving family always helps. I do feel a disconnect from most of you because I was tied-up with ROTC. Kind of strangled my socializing; although, my happiest memories are Pep Band, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra.

Hopefully, things will calm down and we can get back to normal. I feel that there are lessons I'm learning now tghat will come in very handy in the future. We just got a 30 year mortgage. I'll be 98 is I stick around to pay it off.

Thanks for allowing me to have you take a roam around my scrambled head!

All of you, please stay smart, safe, and healthy!

RE: COVID, Election, &etc.
Posted Thursday, November 26, 2020 08:39 AM
Hi Kim. I'm just now seeing your post. Hey I'm with you and can empathize with your highs, lows and hope that things will get better. I suppose we should be thankful that we can remember our past and that we have shelter. Thank you for your service.