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•   Sydney Hilton (Whipple)  7/15
•   Kristine Ludlow (Baxter)  7/16
•   Patricia Jenkins (Ronnow)  7/18
•   George Lavender  7/18
•   Kim Whitney  7/19
•   Paul Rich  7/20
•   Janet Simpson  7/22
•   Douglas F Bennett  7/26
•   Valerie Hatch (Koenig)  7/26
•   Ray Woodard  7/28
•   John F Butler  8/1
•   Joyce Lohner (Edwards)  8/4
•   David Busath  8/5
•   Carolyn H Sawyer  8/7
•   Debbie Dixon  8/8
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•   Mark R. Van Wagoner  5/11
•   Flint Hamilton  2/28
•   Steve Harkey  2/4
•   Susan Sandack  2/1
•   Randy Hansen  10/7
•   Cathy Hales (Gelwix)  8/27
•   Charles Higgins  8/14
•   Paul A Sorensen  8/11
•   Bradley Bertoch (Bertoch)  8/9
•   Ann Darger (Hatch)  8/8
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


This is to donate to the family support project that is described on the web site home page. It helps to assist homeless families with children attending East High

Rob Melich suggested a new question for the survey. He thought it would be interesting to know how many of our children and/or grandchilden have attended East High. You can go to the "Then and Now" Survey and go to the last question to answer. Also, if you find yourself on the missing list of classmates, and you are not missing, please let me know. -Bri Kimball

Thanks to all who helped prepare a great reunion.

Thanks to all who were able to come!

To remember our reunion and share it with those who could not come, we have created a picture gallery, 50th Reunion Galleries on the left. You will soon be able to upload your pictures from the reunion. If you want to send them while memory is fresh, I can post some of them in this gallery, attributed to you, and then you can label them. My email ( 





Searching Classmates:

Our Outreach Committee has provided an update on their search for missing classmates. Because the chair, Dave Busath, is leaving with his wife for Boston soon, we hope someone will step up and take over the search. Dave would love to train you and help you get started. There is a committee that shares in the work. The update is followed by a list of those who remain "lost." Anyone with information on any of these classmates, please contact Dave, if during the coming month, at (, and his successor (TBD, this could be you!) thereafter.

Here is the update:

After removing duplicates, there are 806 classmates that we have identified, from records of the School Board, those in old yearbooks, the late Kay Hinckley Cannon who was picked up in a review of our 20th and 30th reunion books, and the late Judith Isaacson Jacobsen from

In addition, there are 30 other people (including Roseanne Barr) who claim to be East High School class of '70 in, but most do not appear to have actually been in our classes. 6 were ruled out using old Eastonias as being from later classes. 

Of the 806,

  • 289 were previously registered, and several emails have been updated so that almost all of the email addresses are now functional.
  • 99 are known to be deceased, many discovered during our search.
  • 177 have been contacted personally, invited to join the website, and prepare for the reunion. Several have joined the website. I'll call these "found."
  • 129 we have texted, emailed, left messages on answering machines, and/or reached out to through social media but have not been able to connect with personally. I'll call these "missing." 
  • 122 we have not been able to contact and have no good leads. I'll call these "lost".

Here is the list of missing classmates, maybe you'll find yourself there:


Lost Classmates – no good clues

Susan Anderson 

Miriam Gross

Rebecca Peterson

Anna Ayres Thackeray

Deborah Guest 

Lynda Piele Mcshane

Laura L. Ayres 

Christina Hall 

Denise Platt 

Pamela Backman 

Harry Hall 

Shauna Quigley 

Bonnie Baker 

Julia Harrison 

Anna Marie Roberts 

Marty Bats 

Carolee Heaps 

Jim Robison 

Susan Beckmore 

Melva Holmes Sirle

Philippe Rollins 

Cecilia Blackwell 

Leslie Horne 

Lynn Russ 

Janet Bleazard 

Nicola Howe 

Marcus Saylor 

Carl Boardman 

Reed Hudsen 

Catherine Sedwick Langlitz

Glenda L Braden 

Wayne Huggins 

Steve Simpson 

Teresa A. (Terry '70) Bradley 

David Hutchison 

Julie Smith 

Jackie Butcher 

Ann Johnson 

Ken (Kenny '68) Smith 

Marian Carlson Stewart

Paula Johnson 

Marc Smith 

Carol Carnell 

Gail Jones 

Mark Smith 

Debra Carr 

Steven Kaiser 

Roger Smith 

Kip  Carter 

Pamela (Pam '70) Kelley 

Mark Smyth 

Jean Catmull Bagley

Dennis Larkin 

Tom Staal 

Candie Chilcott Olsen

Mary Lawson 

Vance Taylor 

Toddie A Combs 

Patricia Marker 

Mary Ann Trujillo 

John Corfield 

Ida Marie Martinez 

Alvin Tucker 

Skip (Carol) Courtney 

Lee Mc Cann 

Meg Tyler 

Don Covington 

Brad Memmott 

Jerry Valdez 

John Crawford 

Carol Meredith 

Janet Varney 

Farideh Crowther Gholizadeh

Joyce Miller 

Bonnie Versluis 

Katherine Crowther 

Margaret Mitchell 

Judy Wallace 

Richard Dahling 

Roxanne Moore 

Jon Warsley 

Susan Dargahi 

Birgitta Morris 

John Weakland 

Suzy Dauterman 

Geary Murphy 

Doug Welling 

Daniel Day 

Teresa Olsen 

Phyllis Whitehorn 

Eteri Djobadze 

Patsy Parrett 

Pamela A. Williams 

Debra Dodge 

Robert Patterson 

Renda Wiscombe 

Glenda Draden 

Nancy Pehrson Carter

James H. Wolf 

Carole Enos 

Ida Pendleton 


Ann Fullmer 

Cathy Penman 

Les  Young 

Nancy Glascow 

Ellen Perry 

Pam Young 

Juanita Gonzales 

Maureen Perryman 

Patty Zareas 

Judi Green




Missing Classmates – Good clues, but no contact yet

Shelley I Arnold Miller

Julie (Juliet '68) Gunnell Hansen

Fred Peatzke 

Ginger Ballard Hazelbaker

Stan Hansen 

Terri (Teri '70) Peery 

Rebecca (Becca 70) Barrus Pace

Robin Harris Grismore

Chris Peterson 

Debra (Debbie '70) Beal Ostler

Joy Hashimoto Douglass

Cheryl (Sheryl '68) Phillips 

Rosalin Bedke 

Joan Hendel Harrison

Vickie Poplin 

Gordon J. Bellows 

Yvonne Holt Mortensen

Patsy Porritt Patra Buchanbye

Jan Belnap Wade

Paul Hunsaker 

Joyce Poulsen Bristol

Susan Bickmore 

Doug Hunter 

Patricia Rader (Radar '68) 

Roger L Bills 

Jim Jensen 

Paula Reese Hale

Gary Blair 

Rula Jorgensen Sargent

Randy Richardson 

Bradley Bland 

Scott Kehl 

Pat Riley 

Pamela S Bockman 

Robert Kelleher 

Wendy J. Robison 

Jackie Bolton 

Lee Keller 

Wendy Rogers 

Mary Bolton 

Tamara Keller Hall

Stephanie Romm 

Jacquelyn L Braun 

Susan Kendrick 

Holly Rowe Earl

Steve Brunson 

Bill Kimber 

Sylvia Salter 

Kendra Bryan Thuet

John Kirstine 

Joerg (Jerry) Schulz 

Eugene Buchanan 


Craig R. Schwemmer 

Dick Bullin 

Casey Kome 

Loys John (John '70) Shelton 

Debbie Burton Madsen

Tove Kristiansen 

Norman Shipp 

Vickie L Bussell Tereau

Diane Kubo 

Toni Shlosar Ubanski

Delores Bustos Burbidge

Josephine Landall Armstrong

Larry Simmons 

Arne E. Carlson 

Michael K. Lawrence 

Janet M. Simpson 

Janet Carlton Satterfield

Chris Layne 

Laurie Siufanua 

Andres N. (Andy '70) Carranza 

Steve Leach 

Christine Smith 

James Carter 

John LeCavalier 

Colleen (Coleen '69,'70) Smith 

Don Chambers 

Trisha Lee (Hamstra?)

Russell E. Stevens 

Donald Chiaretta 

Henny C. Leeflang Graham

Doug H Stewart 

Barbara Christopherson 

Rex (Wolfie) Lewis 

Carol Stoker 

Susan Clark Morley

Byron Little 

Rita Stoss Adams

Rich F. Coleman 

Mike Long 

Christine (Chrysse '70) Strike (Roussos?)

Kirk E. De Fond 

Richard Luker 

Jerry Strohl Fernandez 

Durrell K Dibb 

Holger Mannek 

Jennifer E Swenson 

Bonnie R Dorrity 

Michael J. McCarter 

Toni Swift 

Gloria Eldredge Lavender

Richard Mellen 

Jeanine H. Taggart West

Randolph Engh 

Mary (Mary Ellen '70) Miera Reyos

Lynn Taylor 

Cheryl Felix Murphy

Richard H Morris 

Robin Temple Bailey

Brian S. Fielden 

Judi Murphy 

Elizabeth Twineham 

Ellen Frandsen Brown

Duane S. Nebeker 

Joseph S Uckerman 

Kim M Frank 

Charlene A (Charlee '70) Olgia 

Pamela A. Walker 

Lucille Frost Davis

Joseph Orton 

(Earl) Brayton Wight 

Boyd (Brandon Francom) Gunnell 

Liz (Elizabeth '68) Owen 

Gene Wong 

Jessi Gunnell Wynn Kidd

Charlene Pawwinnee Duncan

Kent Woodward 



Well here we are at the 45th BBQ. This is a pretty good looking group and it was a great time visiting with each other. This should make us anxious for a 50th 51st Reunion!










Part of the hiking gang




A Thought for Our 50thReunion

John Thomas, Tom Clawson and I had a great walk through the flowers of Albion Basin last week and John told me about the East High Student and Family Support program. I knew nothing about it, but maybe some of you already do. It struck me that supporting this program could be a great challenge to do something as the Class of 1970 to help East High students and families as we move toward our 50thReunion. Obviously, it is up to each of us individually, there is no obligation. But read John’s letter and give it some thought. If you think it would be a great challenge for our 50th, then go for it. I will email this letter to the whole class (as far as we have email addresses) so you will have the links and information handy. [NOTE: You may have to copy and paste the links into your browser)


East High School Today

As an institution, East High is over a century old, and what it was created to do - educate students and prepare them for life - it still does. Today, however, there are new challenges for the East High community. Changing demographics in Salt Lake City and expanded school district boundaries mean that East’s student population is larger and significantly more diverse ethnically and economically than when we graduated in 1970. 

Of East’s 2,000 students, 2/3 live below the poverty line and at any time, as many as 80 students are homeless.  Foundations for student success are having enough healthy food, adequate clothing and health care, hygiene and family support. Meeting these basic needs are challenges that many East High students face day-to-day. 

The East High administration, PTA and community are working to ensure that all East High students have the support they need to succeed in school and life. The East High School Student and Family Support program runs an on-campus food pantry, the Leopard Stash, where students and their families have free access to healthy food. The Leopard Boutique is East’s own clothing source where students and families find new and gently used clothing, shoes and jackets. The recently completed East Washrooms provide a safe place for homeless and vulnerable students to shower, wash clothing, and prepare for their school day. The program also supports students and families in times of crisis.  

Check the web site for a description:

There is much debate about how to respond to poverty and educational needs in our communities, and taxpayer support cannot be relied upon to meet these needs. The East High Student and Family Support program is dependent on donations – food, clothing, volunteering and cash. Contributing to the program will help students achieve success and is a direct and personal connection to the East High community. Successful students become successful citizens. 

I encourage all of you to contribute, as I have, to the East High Student and Family Support program. If you would like to make a donation, become a partner, or volunteer your time please contact Kris Barta at  Donations can be made through the Salt Lake Education Foundation specifically for East High at When you contribute please designate “family support” and place the phrase “Class of 1970” in the comments box. Contributions to East Student and Family Support from the Class of 1970 will be tallied and reported on our class website. 

Thanks for your support, 

John Thomas, East High Class of 1970