In Memory

Vicki Barrington

Nick Rogers sent a sketch, which Dave Busath augmented a little with his approval:

Vicki Lynn Borque was born in Boise Idaho on December 6, 1951. She was the first of three girls born to Chas and Rose. Her parents changed their last name in the early 60s to Barrington. They moved to Salt Lake City where Vicki went to high school until 69. The family moved to Santa Rosa where she graduated. She was married three times. She married Ronald Leroy Schelldorf on Aug 21, 1971 in Sonoma, CA. With Carl Anthony Depolo, she had a son, Dustin. Her last marriage lasted 20 years to Nick Rogers. His daughter Anneka considered her mom and helped take care of her toward the end.  She lived in Twain Hart, Standard, and Tuolumne, which are NE of Sonoma, CA.   She passed away on February 15th 2015 from lung cancer.