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Howard K. Manwaring

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04/11/10 09:11 AM #1    

Todd Wirthlin

Howard was a man's man, great family man, and the best friend any one could have. He never backed down from anything. He was always there when you needed him.

05/18/10 08:44 PM #2    

John B Hewlett


Howard was one of my dearest friends over the years.  I had the privilege of knowing and loving him throughout the past decades.  We shared many experiences and times together.  It was heartwrenching to watch this tough, fit, handsome man suffer in his last years with the ravages of cancer.  Sitting with him during dialysis, encouraging him between chemo treatments, eventually saying goodbye as he took his last breaths in mortality.  He never complained, he lived with courage and conviction in his eternal purpose and love for his family.  Howard was tough as nails, but those who knew him best could get through the veneer and see the marshmallow heart.  We played ball, sang, I even performed his first marriage, then spoke at his funeral.  I will never forget him and the greatness of his character and life.  John Hewlett

05/21/10 02:21 PM #3    

Scott Savage

Howard and I go back a long ways. We played 4 years of little league together, he being my catcher when I pitched. He was always very energetic and proactive. In Jr. High he was always the cute one the girls liked and that continued on in high school. We worked together in football at East and yes we thought we were pretty cool back then having the size we had. We didn't play high school basket ball, but he was a stalwart in our church league, as he played a vicious big man in the center and took it very seriously, he was good. We worked out together and double dated alot back then also.

When I was at Dixie he came down to see me and we would go to Vegas, also along were Conover, Hicken, and Aoki. He was just a natural leading us guys into the casino's with his looks as with his mustache and size he fit the look,and we were just 18. He didn't flinch.

10 years ago at the reunion we spent about 2 hours just talking about the old times,and looking at where we were now. He with cancer and myself with MS, we laughed at the times back in the day when at the basketball games, alot of the sophmores and juinors would ask if they could walk with the two of us after the game to avoid being jumped  by the hoods, Who was going to jump Howard and I? Even at West when they roped off the student section, and made the West kids stay 10 minutes longer after we left, there were still a bunch of hoods outside waiting on the sidewalk, and we had a bunch of our kids following us. Howard just led the way and I was by his side, but he was the one who said "Don't get any ideas fella's" as we passed by, and he said it very gruffly. The hoods just jumped back and you could see them mellow out. The kids following us felt so secure and you could feel their tension ease.

We just talked about how wonderful it was to have a good friendship all those years and that was the best thing. We weren't big and cool now, but we had our friendship that lasted. We had come full circle to another side of the fence of how we looked on life, and we appreciated it.

Howard was a man of exactness, a man of integrity, thats a cool friend to have!

06/01/10 11:01 AM #4    

Dan Holland

Very good guy you were Howard. I remember the football times and the encouragment you would give to me and all of of us. I remember when you were voted Mr. Defense. A truley good guy.....say Hi to Kyle for me.

07/23/10 11:10 PM #5    

Jonathan Bradshaw

We miss you Howard.  Your stature was the perfect compliment for your gentle manner........ until someone (usually a girlfriend) would make you mad.  My memories are too numerous to mention, but we had plenty, from church, neighborhood fun & water fights to dating and skiing.  Wish you were here.

08/03/10 05:26 PM #6    

Cordell Clinger

Howard was one of the guys at East that you wanted to be like.  He had charisma and class.   I remember at the 20 year reunion, Joan Montgomery and I cornered Howard and talked for a long time.  Joan passed away from cancer and Howard later passed away from cancer as well.  I recall a great phone conversation with Howard about 3 months before he passed away.  I called him to find out his status and what was going on with his health.  He was very direct and let me know that this was his time to go and he was very grateful for a good life, kids and wife.  He was not fearful of dying.  He let me  know of his religious convictions and sense of peace about moving on.  He was not in pain when I talked to him.  It was good to connect with him on such a unique level.  Life, death, memories, appreciation of friends and family.  High school memories.  He said that the time spent at East afforded him some of the best friends he could have gained in a lifetime.  Three years garners friendships that last a lifetime.  I will always remember this phone conversation with Howard so close to his passing with gratitude for a wise and thoughtful friend.

11/10/14 10:00 AM #7    

Kent D Douglass

I wish I had known Howard better. My best memory is when about 20 Kearns guys surrounded four of us in the parking lot after a basketball game. We jumped in the VW and plowed through the mob to make our escape. Afterward, Howard was ticked because someone busted his windshield as we passed. I hated Kearns so much I've never been back. Funny how long I can hold a grudge. I don't think Howard was like that, because I never heard him mention the incident again.

01/02/15 01:47 AM #8    

Jay Mower

I found Howard's obituary online:


Obituary: Howard Karl Manwaring

Published: Wednesday, June 5 2002 7:42 a.m. MDT

Howard Karl Manwaring, loving husband and devoted father, son and brother, passed away June 3, 2002 at his home surrounded by his family, after courageously fighting a long, hard battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He met this challenge with great faith, strength and determination that so characterized his life.
Born April 16, 1952 in Salt Lake City to Karl H Manwaring and Carma Rae Davis (Dale W.) Black, the second of six children. His youth was spent at Lowell Elementary, Bryant Jr. High, and East High Schools. He continued his education at the University of Utah.
Howard was an active member in the LDS church, having served in many callings, touching many lives for good along the way. He especially loved serving as a Primary teacher. He left a great legacy of faith and love to all with whom he served.
Howard worked all of his life in the field of construction, construction management and consulting. His projects were from Southern California to Prudoe Bay, Alaska and as distant as Peking, China. As the owner of HKM Construction Consulting he spent years working in the San Francisco Bay Area helping to rebuild after the earthquake. He loved all aspects of the construction field and truly excelled in his field of work.
Hobbies and interests included boating, skiing, model railroads, fly fishing, football, and coaching his four children in a variety of sports. He was well read in history, events, places and people. He could read something one time and retain it forever. If anyone ever needed and answer to any question, he could and would give the correct answer. Many times the children would try and stump the master, but to no avail!
Howard had three goals he wanted to accomplish before he died: 1) to reach the age of 50. 2) to see his daughter graduate from college and 3) to see his oldest son graduate from the Marine Corp. Miraculously, Howard lived to realize all three of these goals before his passing. In his final weeks, Howard also enjoyed going to Clark's soccer games and Chase's wrestling matches.
Howard married Laura Jean Hyde on November 28, 1980 and they were later sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple on April 19, 1985. They lived in Redondo Beach, CA, Benicia, CA and Sandy, UT. They were blessed with four wonderful children, Courtney Lynn (20), Chandler Howard (18), Chase Thomas (16) and Clark Davis (12).
He is survived by his wife and four children, mother, siblings Christina (John W.) Huish, Patricia (Cary) Wood, Deanne (Jeff) Mohamed, Sandra McCarthy, Paul C. Manwaring, Marisa Manwaring, and Kara (Clayton) Hunt. Howard was also preceded in death by twin brothers, Ron and Robert. His Father, Karl Manwaring, also preceded Howard in death and we know he was waiting on the other side to take Howard home.
The family expresses thanks to the many wonderful doctors and nurses that helped Howard battle his cancer. A special thanks to the Staff at Central Valley Dialysis where Howard had many good friends.
Funeral services will be held on Saturday, June 8th, 2002, at 12 noon at the Granite View Stake Center, 9880 So. and 3100 E. A viewing will be held Friday evening, June 7th, 2002 from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Larkin Sunset Gardens Mortuary, 1950 E. 10600 So., and Saturday from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. at the Stake Center. Interment to follow at Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery.
Howard will be greatly missed.
We love you Dad.

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