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Kyle Adams

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05/18/10 08:54 PM #1    

John B Hewlett

I had wonderful memories of Kyle Adams.  I remeber going to his house in Jr High, his family ran a Boarding House on 3rd avenue.  There were some interesting characters living there.  Kyle was another gentle giant, a tough football team member and wrestler, and overall great guy and friend.  How quickly life passes, and friends com and go. John Hewlett

05/21/10 12:26 PM #2    

Scott Savage

died in car crash in Idaho 1978

05/21/10 12:47 PM #3    

Scott Savage

Kyle was a good friend from the days of little league, he always was trying to be his best in playing ball. I remember picking him up for school on occasion at his place on third ave. He had a sad experience during sopmore year in football when he was hit right in the groin and it splitt his cup. Boy was he in pain, and the game had to be stopped for awhile. Anyway he was always a guy with a smile, and he would back you up in anything.

06/01/10 10:59 AM #4    

Dan Holland

What a good guy Kyle was. I remember him, his Mom & Dad and sister very well. I was killed outside of Burley Idaho by a truck hauling potatoes. It was in Sept of 1978. His football number was 78. He and I had many good times. I remember when he married Becka Barrus.


Rest in peace Kyle. I think of you often.


His funeral was also the last time I saw Howard Manwaring. Rest in peace also Howard....both of you are very good people/

06/01/10 11:11 AM #5    

Dan Holland

Sorry for saying I was killed outside Burley.....Kyle would laugh....just another typo Kyle. I remember going to your father's cabin on the provo river many times. We caught lots of trout with our M-80's and nets......

03/01/15 09:02 PM #6    

Jay Mower

I found a grave on the Find-A-Grave Web site for Kyle Andrew Adams 1952-1979.  The photo of the tombstone shows a football jersey with the number 75.  Perhaps this is the Kyle we knew.  Paul Cemetary, Minidoka County, Idaho.  



03/03/15 06:26 AM #7    

Dan Holland

Yes that is where Kyle is laid to rest. That was his football number (75). He was hit by a truck hauling potatoes. It was sad. Only 28. What a good guy he was. He married Becca Barrus but they later divorced while remaining friends. He and his family moved to Rupert and opened a restaurant as that is the business they were in. I miss him. 

03/04/15 12:31 PM #8    

Holly Cannon (Metcalf)

I think all these dear old friends must be happy to know we remember them fondly. 

And isn't it nice that we can remember the living fondly, too, and let it be known?

This is good.

06/09/15 10:56 AM #9    

Marc Boswell

I hadn't heard of Kyle's passing.  We were friends in elementary school before coming to East.  Always a fun kid.  His family had a restaurant down town for a while and we would get snacks there from time to time.  Sad, too many class mates are found in the In Memory pages...

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